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Inlet Computer Works is available for all your home or business needs. Let me explain what this means, we provide a wide spectrum of services ranging from resolving basic computer issues to the most advanced networking, programming, and graphic design projects. We work our very hardest to please our customers and to ensure their utmost satisfaction.

Believe it or not, a lot of established computer service companies leave customers often unsatisfied with their professionalism, pricing, or technical knowledge.

The simple truth is Inlet Computer Works can provide you with the best computing experience possible. Our premium service is just one call away. The result of us proving to you we’re the best option out there? Your business runs more efficiently and generates more profit.

We come on-site to your home or business so no drop off is necessary. We offer affordable rates that fit your budget. A free estimate can be given over the phone so no time or money is ever wasted. We also offer remote support where we can work on your machine from our offices for a discounted price.

We service both Windows and Mac!


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